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Benefits of BAS for Property Managers:

Reduce energy use. (see"How Does It Work?")

In a case where the Building Management only wants to provide hvac M-F: The temperature sensor located in each suite can be equipped with an override button. If a tenant comes in on a Saturday and wants hvac, they simply press the override button to set the hvac into an "occupied mode". The Building Automation System will record the amount of time that the system was in override and a report can be generated that can be used to bill the tenant for the overtime.

Sub meter "extra appliances" such as a tenant installed a/c unit for a computer room.

Provide reports for anything that is being monitored, space temps, energy use, etc.

Sensors can be installed to detect the presence of water in any area such as a basement, computer room, etc.

Increase the productivity of your in-house engineers. All vital information about your systems can be read from one location. Diagnosing service problems is reduced from hours to minutes.

Modulate the intake of outside air based on indoor CO2 levels. (This is a major energy saver.)

Control indoor and outdoor lighting.