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In response to many requests, we have opened an HVAC service division. Coastal Building Automation was founded by an HVAC service professional with over 30 years of experience in the HVAC business. The original objective was to provide only Building Automation Systems, specializing in the control & monitoring of HVAC systems.

However, we were continually being asked if we could recommend an HVAC service company that had the same dedication to customer service as we do. The answer is: not unless we do it ourselves; so we decided to start providing HVAC service to commercial accounts on a contract (service agreement) basis.

The HVAC service business gets very hectic during periods of extreme weather conditions. In most cases it is simply a result of being flooded with calls from establishments that do not have routine maintenance on their equipment and now it's not working. Therefore, to continue providing prompt and reliable service, even during extreme weather, we will only be able to service customers who have a service agreement with us; either a maintenance agreement or a full parts and labor agreement. We know that by providing routine maintenance on HVAC equipment before the extreme weather occurs, that the occurrence of breakdowns is greatly reduced.

A final note on routine maintenance: There is a big difference between the way some companies perform maintenance and the way we perform maintenance. If the maintenance is not performed properly and thoroughly, it is not as effective in reducing breakdowns.