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What does a free no-obligation survey & consultation include?

It usually includes 2 trips to your site. On the first visit, after meeting with you, we typically will review the layout of your building and inspect each piece of hvac equipment. We will meet with you again to discuss any issues we found during our survey. After that, we will take the information back to our office and develop our recommendations. We will make a second appointment with you to review our recommendations. (Or if you prefer this can be done by phone and fax.)

We will answer any questions that you may have in as much or as little detail as you care to hear. We are experts in hvac systems and we will also be happy to answer any questions and offer our opinions on any hvac related issues that you may have. And most importantly, we promise to not make you feel obligated to buy anything.

Some areas of my building are too warm and some areas are too cool. Will a BAS solve that condition?

Bring those issues to our attention and we will diagnose the cause during our no-charge survey. We are hvac systems experts and any issue that you have with your hvac systems can be diagnosed. There can be many reasons for warm & cool spots and a properly designed BAS can remedy most of them. After our survey we can tell you if your issues can be resolved with a BAS or what will be needed to remedy the condition.

An example would be one particular room that gets direct sunlight in the morning hours. That office would need more cool air than the rest of the building in the morning and less in the afternoon. A simple remedy would be to install an electric damper in that one branch line. The BAS could then keep that office and the rest of the building comfortable all day.

What is "Alarming"?

A BAS will include a modem that is connected to a phone line and/or the system may be connected to the internet. The system will be programmed to send out an alarm when certain parameters are exceeded. For example, a sensor may be installed to detect the operating pressures of your compressors. When the operating pressures go out of normal range, the system would dial out an alarm to us.

We will review the operating conditions of your system online and report our findings to you. You can then have the hvac equipment serviced before it stops working completely or before it causes any further damage. Or you can monitor the system yourself, having it dial a pager, cell phone, PDA, or send you an e-mail when there is an alarm condition.

The system efficiency can also be monitored and an alarm triggered if the operating efficiency drops, indicating a need for service. This drop in efficiency will often happen before a total breakdown so many breakdowns can be avoided.

What is "Trending"?

The BAS can keep track of any condition that can be read with a gauge or meter. For example, the system can be programmed to record the room temp in as many rooms as you like at any intervals you would like (such as 15 minute intervals). That information can then be graphed on a chart showing the room temperature over a period of time.

Can I access my system from the internet?

Yes that option is available. You can change operating schedules and temperatures, you can view current conditions & history, you can even have the system automatically send information to you via e-mail if you would like.

What else can be done with a BAS?

In addition to controlling your HVAC systems, a BAS can monitor just about anything that can be read with a gauge or meter; and from that it can send a signal to perform any other electrical function.

For example, you can monitor the temperature inside of a walk-in cooler and have the system send out an alarm if the temperature rises above any temp that you select. Or it can be programmed to send an alarm if the temp goes above the preset limit for a period of time. It could make a light come on, or a bell ring in the managers office if the box temp is out of range.

Or if you want a light to come on when the temp rises above the limit and a bell to ring after that condition has occurred for a period of time, it can do that too. If you want to be paged when the temperature rises in your computer room; no problem, it can do that too. Contact us with any special requests, we can probably make it happen.

1. What does a free no-obligation survey & consultation include?
2. Some areas of my building are too warm and some areas are too cool. Will a BAS solve that condition?
3. What is "Alarming?"
4. What is "Trending?"
5. Can I access my system from the Internet?
6. What else can be done with a BAS?